Your Child’s First Pediatric Dental Appointment

Your Child's First Pediatric Dental Appointment

Childhood is full of firsts. While some of these firsts are exciting and fun, some of them can be a little bit daunting or nerve wracking for kids. One of these first experiences that can make kids a little nervous is their first trip to the pediatric dentist. The American Dental Association actually recommends that children first see the pediatric dentist as early as the age of one, as by then they should have several primary teeth. Here at New Generation Dentistry, it is very important to us that our young patients feel comfortable in our office. There are a few things we can do, with the help of our patients’ parents, to ensure that kids feel safe at their pediatric dental appointment!

Before the Appointment

The more prepared you and your child are for their first appointment, the better! Once you are ready to schedule your child’s first pediatric dental appointment, give us a call! Once you’re on the schedule, take a look at our guide to your first pediatric dental appointment to help your family prepare for this new experience. If you’re familiar with our policies and paperwork, your child will notice that you are at ease when you enter our office. If you think you child would be more comfortable if they get to check out our office before their appointment, just let us know! One of our staff members will be happy to give you and your child a quick tour to help them get comfortable in the space. It is also very helpful when the patient’s parents take the time to talk to them about what the pediatric dentist is like so that the little ones know what to expect.

At Our Practice

Once you and your child arrive at our office, we will do everything we can to make sure they are comfortable and cared for! As a family practice, our staff is specially trained to work with pediatric patients. We will be sure to explain everything we do during the appointment in kid-friendly terms, including cleanings, any x-rays that need to be taken, and other pediatric dental procedures. If your child requires an additional procedure to be scheduled for a later date, such as a pulpectomy or tooth extraction, we will discuss the procedure and sedation options with the patient and their parent. Everyone will have all the information they need!

Celebrate After!

Once your child has successfully made it through their first pediatric dental appointment, be sure to let them know what a great job they did! Positive affirmations will help them recognize their own accomplishments and look forward to their next appointment. Consider planning a small, special treat after their appointment, or maybe even a small toy!

If you’re ready to schedule your child’s first pediatric dental appointment, call our office today!