Today’s braces aren’t like those of the past.

Braces are an important orthodontic tool to help patients not only improve the looks of their smiles but also their overall oral health.

We know many patients are looking for more discreet treatment options. The good news is that today’s braces are sleeker than ever – gone are the days of being called a metal mouth. Our brackets are smaller than ever before, and our high-tech brackets and wires move teeth as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We also offer clear braces for patients looking for the efficiency of traditional braces, without the look of metal. The brackets are made of tooth-colored material, allowing them to blend in with the natural smile.

We even offer lingual braces, with are the most discreet treatment option available today. Lingual braces are metal braces that are completely personalized to your smile, but they are totally hidden from view because they are placed along the tongue side of the teeth. That means you can be in treatment without anyone even knowing.

It’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams, and traditional braces are always an ideal treatment option. They can efficiently correct even the most severe malocclusions, giving patients the confidence to greet the world with a big smile.

At your initial consultation, our orthodontic staff will discuss all of your treatment options with you. We’ll help you choose the option that is right for your smile and your lifestyle.