Your Child’s First Visit To New Generation Dentistry

When it comes to your child’s first dental appointment, we want to make sure that your child feels comfortable. Here at New Generation Dentistry, we encourage establishing a “home” for your child to get used to when they receive treatments.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends a first dental visit around the age of twelve months (or six months after the first tooth emerges). This visit allows the pediatric dentist to Provide information to parents regarding common oral conditions in newborns and infants,non nutritive oral habits (e.g., digit sucking, use of a pacifier), teething (including use of analgesics and avoidance of topical anesthetics), growth and development, and orofacial trauma (including play objects, pacifiers, car seats, electric cords, and falls when learning to walk) ,and provides a great opportunity for parents to ask questions.

This helps parents to develop proper oral health habits early in their child’s life, rather than trying to change established unhealthy habits later .

Before visiting the pediatric dentist, it’s important to establish positive expectations for your child. Many kids are hesitant to visit the dentist simply because they associate the dentist with the pain, fear.There are lots of storybooks with positive depictions of the dentist that you can show your child. Emphasize how important it is to maintain healthy teeth to speak, smile, and eat.

When it comes to your child’s first dental appointment, we want to make sure that your child feels comfortable. Dr Sara and her staff will explain the steps that are taken to conduct a thorough dental examination. With younger patients, it’s important to use child-friendly language that they can understand. For example, tell your child that Dr. Sara is going to “count your teeth” and “take pictures”, instead of saying x-rays.

Finally, Dr. Sara and her staff will perform a routine dental cleaning. Parents can stay in the room if the child is more comfortable with that arrangement. As she goes through the process, Dr Sara will explain what she’s doing again, so there is no fear of the unexpected.Afterward, D Sara will take the time to explain any dental problems that she sees or wants to prevent. At this time, parents and children should feel free to ask questions or voice concerns. Dr. Sara is happy to answer.

You can read more about how to prepare your children for their first dentist’s appointment here.

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