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Our Mission Viejo dentists at New Generation Dentistry are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for brighter, healthier smiles.

A brighter smile can help you to feel more confident at work and in social settings. Cosmetic dentistry is used to help create a positive change to your teeth, smile, and your lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as color correction to replacing missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can consist of a handful of different procedures, and this includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, inlays and onlays, dental implants, and some other options.

If your teeth are currently stained, discolored, chipped, worn, misaligned, broken, misshapen, or have a gap between them, cosmetic dentistry could be for you! Cosmetic work does not just have to be for the wealthy and celebrities. This type of work is affordable, thanks to a wide variety of prices and options. Expenses can range depending on the type of procedure, and sometimes it can cost as little as $300! Cosmetic dentistry is typically not covered by insurance because it is not considered as necessary, so make sure to talk to your dentist to see what you can do to pay for your procedures. Also, did you know that any dentist that has a degree in dentistry can actually perform cosmetic dentistry? There is not a specific field or practice for it. Therefore, your dentist does not need to acquire any extra certifications or further education to perform cosmetic dentistry procedures. The majority of dentists who do perform cosmetic dentistry procedures usually do take continuing courses, but again, it is not a requirement. If you are trying to determine which cosmetic dentist is best for you, you can ask the following questions to help you figure out who you want to be seen by. It would be beneficial to ask dentists for patient references, any proof of continuing education, and even before and after photos.

There is a lot that goes into cosmetic dentistry. We wanted to make navigating the different services more comfortable for you! Below you will find various services with quick information. If you would like to read something in more detail, please feel free to explore our services in depth by clicking on the links below. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist in Mission Viejo, call our friendly team today at New Generation Dentistry!


Cosmetic Dental Treatments

At New Generation Dentistry in Mission Viejo, we provide a number of cosmetic dental services for a lifetime of perfect smiles for everyone in the family.