Accurate and Less Radiation

X-rays are beneficial to any doctor who needs to see what is going on below the surface.

Although there are a lot of things dentists can see just from looking at your teeth, you could also be at risk for problems that aren’t visible. At New Generation Dentistry in Mission Viejo, our dentists value accuracy and efficiency. Without the best in X-ray technology, we could not properly diagnose and successfully treat the problem.

Safe, Effective Digital Dental X-Ray

Are dental x-rays safe? The answer is it depends. Our Mission Viejo dentists use a digital dental x-ray to help diagnose custom treatment for each patient. Today’s digital dental X-ray emits much less radiation than film-based radiology; in fact, they are 90% safer, and they also provide a much clearer picture. At our Mission Viejo office, we also use protective lead aprons during the x-ray to ensure there’s no chance of harmful radiation reaching our patients.

To get a digital dental x-ray, the dentist places digital sensors in the mouth that are connected to a computer, which projects the image of the teeth on a screen. This process also allows the dentist to zoom in and out of images to check on your dental health. The result is instantaneous and can be immediately saved to a digital file for future reference.

No Radiation Intraoral Photography

New Generation Dentistry in Mission Viejo also offers intraoral photography which emits no radiation because it is taken with a small digital camera specifically designed for snapshots of your teeth and gums. It will give you a real-time picture of what your teeth and gums look like and can be viewed on our computer monitor.

Accurate, Clear 3D Imaging for Dental Procedures

Along with Digital Dental X-ray and Intraoral Photography, we also use the Galileos Comfort Plus 3D imaging unit that is safe, comfortable, and precise. Think of it as the Superman of 3D X-ray vision, only better. In as little as 14 seconds we can scan a full oral-maxillofacial region with far less radiation and far greater imaging with only one scan. This allows a greater outcome of dental procedures such as dental implants mission viejo and other oral surgical procedures.

Dentists usually take full x-rays for new patients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s dental health. After that, less detailed x-rays can be taken once or twice a year, depending on the situation. X-rays should not be taken too often because of the possibility of being exposed to too much radiation. The dentist will only ask for more dental x-rays if there seem to be health issues like wisdom teeth extractions or cavities that need dental fillings.

For more information on the cutting-edge technology used by our dentists in Mission Viejo, feel free to call the team at New Generation Dentistry or book an appointment for a consultation.

Updated for 2018.

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