The Role Your Dentist Plays During Braces

The Role Your Dentist Plays During Braces

Many people confuse the relationship between orthodontics and dentistry, especially in pediatric practices. At New Generation Dentistry we definitely see our patients’ orthodontists as our teammates, as we are all doing our best to help our patients achieve their best smile! Dentists and orthodontists often communicate and work together to provide the best care to our patients.

Referring You to an Orthodontist

There are a lot of awesome orthodontists here in Mission Viejo. If you or your child needs a consultation with an orthodontist, we would be happy to refer you to a local practice where we feel confident our valued patients will receive quality care!

When you attend regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist, we are able to track the changes in your oral health and structure as you grow, develop, and age. This knowledge puts dentists in the perfect position to advise their patients about seeking orthodontic care. Orthodontic needs can often be detected in childhood, so the earlier you can establish a regular pediatric dentist for your child, the better! If your dentists believes orthodontic care may be beneficial, they will suggest a consultation with an orthodontist.

During Orthodontic Care

If you do decide to seek orthodontic treatment after your consultation, your dentist will be there to support you throughout your orthodontic journey. Before you get your braces on, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your regular dentist for a thorough cleaning while they still have full access to all of your teeth and can help set you up for success.

While you have your braces on, it is important to maintain your regimen of dental cleaning appointments. You are more likely to get food particles stuck between your teeth when you have braces, as it is harder to thoroughly clean your teeth yourself when you have brackets and wires. Though some people believe that they do not have to go to the dentist as often when they have braces, the opposite is actually true! Braces can increase your susceptibility to tooth decay, so it is even more important that you keep up with dental appointments.

Life After Braces

Once you finally have that perfect smile you’ve been waiting for, you’ll want to show it off! Be sure to schedule a cleaning with your dentist soon after you get your braces removed to be sure that you don’t have any tartar build up or other dental issues that need to be addressed now that all of your teeth are visible. While many people want to get their teeth whitened right after they get their braces off, it is important to wait to give your enamel time to strengthen again. If you are considering a whitening treatment, consult with your dentist to make sure your teeth are ready.


As your dentists, we are here to support you throughout your oral health journey, including your orthodontic treatment. Ready to learn more? Schedule a consultation with us today!