10 Times NBA Players Got Their Teeth Knocked Out

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There’s nothing like seeing someone’s teeth knocked out that makes you start clutching your teeth. Today’s post is inspired by the most recent NBA Season. It seemed like every month, a new player was getting his teeth knocked out. The most famous probably being Isaiah Thomas who had his teeth knocked out during a playoff game.

The reason we put together this post is to remind the public about proper care for their teeth. Participating in sports is very important to a healthy lifestyle, however many of the most popular sports can be a huge risk to your teeth.

As you’ll see with the list, at any second your smile can go from a beautiful set of pearly whites, to a bloody mess.

10. Iman Shumpert – Cleveland Cavaliers (2016)

Number 10 on the list is Iman Shumpert who gets a clean elbow to his face. The way his face immediately shoots back, you can just feel his pain.

9. Reggie Evans – Brooklyn Nets

Reggie Evans is an NBA tough guy. He gets his tooth knocked out and literally continues playing before calmly walking to the bench to get some work done. The kicker is he actually didn’t even miss a second of play.

8. Goran Dragic – Miami Heat (2016)

Goran is a little unlucky. He got his tooth knocked out not only once, but TWICE in the same season.

7. Carl Landry – Houston Rockets (2009)

This is one is a doozy. Carl Landry of the Houston Rockets gets elbowed in the face by Dallas star, Dirk Nowitzki.  What’s crazy about this one is that though Carl Landry is the one to get his teeth knocked out, Dirk is the one on the floor clutching his elbow in pain.

6. Jusuf Nurkic – Portland Trailblazers (2017)

In a regular season game, Jusuf Nurkic tried grabbing a rebound over an opposing player and lost 2 teeth on the play.

5. Isaiah Thomas – Boston Celtics (2017)

When you watch the replay, you can see Isaiah get hit and immediately start looking up to try and find the tooth in the air.

4. Dennis Schroder – Atlanta Hawks (2017)

Many players who chip their tooth will immediately look for their tooth and run to the sidelines. Dennis on the other hand really makes you question what exactly was going through his mind.

The Atlanta Hawks guard has his tooth cap knocked out and instead of running to the sideline, he put the tooth in his sock.

There are so many issues there. Why your sock? That might have been the worst place to have put it. Think of all the germs!

No matter, that’s what went through his mind and his sock antics got him 4th on our list.

3. Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns (2007)

Among Steve Nash’s impressive resume of MVP’s, beautiful passes and game changing style of play, Nash’s sense of humor stands out.

Though Nash’s injury to his teeth isn’t as serious as other players on this list, his hilarious interview makes his injury one of the best.

For some laughs, skip to 0:40

2. Danny Granger – Indiana Pacers (2008)

granger-teeth-2Danny Granger at one point was a star of the league. One of his many highlights was an unfortunate incident with fellow star Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics. Both players went diving for a loose ball, as all players are encouraged to do.

Unfortunately for Granger, his face hit the floor and the star’s smile got the worst of the impact.

If you’d like to see the video of the play, you can see it on the NBA site.

Luckily for Danny Granger he signed a huge a major contract extension the day before. So he was able to use some of those millions towards repairing his superstar smile.


1. Rudy Tomjanovich – Houston Rockets (1977)

Rudy Tomjanovich is most famous for his legendary career as a NBA coach. However, what many people have forgotten is what is deemed “The Deadliest Punch in NBA History”. In this case, losing teeth was the least of the coach’s worries.

The punch was so bad that Tomjanovich had spinal fluid was dripping in the back of his throat. Lucky for Tomjanovich doctors were able to reconstruct his skull and Rudy would be able to resume his NBA career, although he never was able to attain the same level of skill.

Lesson of the Day? Wear a Mouth Guard!

Otherwise your going to have a smile like these guys. Even if it does happen though you can add dental implants among other procedures to get that pearly white smile back.