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Your Child’s First Visit to New Generation Dentistry

When it comes to your child’s first dentist appointment, we want to make sure that your child feels comfortable. Here at New Generation Dentistry, we encourage establishing a “home” for your child to get used to when they receive treatments

When your child comes in for the very first time, they will meet our pediatric dentist, Dr. Sara. She will review your child’s medical and dental history, and conduct a thorough dental examination.

Before coming into the office for your child’s first visit, let him or her know about the appointment. Refrain from using words that may instill unnecessary fear – such as “drill”, “yank”, or “extract”. If you decide on sedation dentistry, you can tell your child that they will take some “sleeping juice”. For the exam, tell your child that Dr. Sara is going to “count your teeth” and “take pictures”, instead of saying x-rays.

You can read more about how to prepare your children for their first dentist’s appointment here.