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Children’s Books About Going To The Dentist

Parents: we know just how hard it can be to get your kid into the dentist’s office. Heck, it’s even hard to get them to go to the bathroom before leaving the house.

We understand how scary dentist’s offices might seem, but getting your little ones to start going to the dentist as early as possible is key to preventing built-up plaque or cavities.  When it comes to your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist, it’s perfectly normal for them to be nervous.  But sometimes, all it takes is that first step.

Starting up the conversation about teeth and how you can take care of them is a good way to get your kids thinking about oral care. And when the time comes to bring them in for their first visit, it might help them to know that some of their favorite storybook characters go to the dentist too!

The Tooth Book – Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?! Share a laugh with your little one by reading The Tooth Book. This bedtime story is filled with fun and rhymes, but most importantly, it teaches kids about the importance of brushing! Like all good books, this story is entertaining and informational. Your children will love the poetic words of Dr. Seuss as a bedtime story.

According to the brilliant and intelligent Joshua S. from the Internet, “going to the dentist isn’t so scary either when Dr. Seuss has something to do with it!”. We completely agree, Joshua S.


The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – Stan & Jan Berenstain

In this thrilling novel about the importance of family coming together as a united force when aliens begin to invade…
Wait, we’re thinking about the wrong book.
The Berenstain Bears is a classic children’s book that has been around since the 1960s. Over 360 books featuring the Bear family have been published, but this particular story is one of our favorites, of course!
In The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist, Brother and Sister Bear learn about how the dentist can help them take care of their teeth. This story about loose teeth and cavities will reassure your child that the dentist’s office is a wonderful place to learn about keeping your teeth clean.

Peppa Pig’s Dentist Trip – Scholastic Books

And now for our personal favorite: Peppa Pig!
In this adorable tale, Peppa and her brother, George, go to the dentist for a checkup. It is George’s first time at the dentist’s office, but Peppa shows him that taking care of his teeth can be lots of fun.

Your children will definitely enjoy Peppa’s loveable and sassy humor. This short story is perfect for bedtime, or as a gift for your kids’ first visit to the dentist!

Here at New Generation Dentistry, our mini-patients love coming to our office! Our team of dentists in Mission Viejo are committed to ensuring that your child feels safe and comfortable when they get their teeth cleaned.
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