Cavities are not uncommon

The thought of having a tooth filled is somewhat daunting, but you can take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone: approximately 92% of Americans have had at least one cavity in his or her lifetime. Suffice it to say that dental fillings are normal for most people and because of this, we have honed this craft to a precision.

What are cavities?

A cavity is a hole in the tooth caused by tooth decay. Cavities should never be ignored. Not only can they cause pain and discomfort, bacteria can inflict serious damage, leading to tooth rot, tooth abscesses, or worse.

Your dentist can treat cavities with dental fillings, dental bridges, and a healthy dental care routine.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are not one-size-fits-all and they consist of many different alloys or mixtures from silver amalgam, composite resin, plastic, porcelain, and gold. They can be used to fill the cavity, so there is no further damage or infection can ensue.

At New Generation Dentistry, we do not offer any metal alloy restoration for fillings or crowns. Instead, our Mission Viejo dentists offer strong, stain-resistant white fillings for anyone who is looking for a more natural filling. 

What dental fillings are right for me? 

Keep in mind that all teeth cannot accept the same filling so this will vary, depending on which tooth is affected. Size, location, opposing teeth—all of these will determine which type filling will work best for your particular situation. Book an appointment or give us a call today, and our dentists in Mission Viejo will be happy to discuss the options with you. 

Updated for 2018.

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