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Real Smiles Behind the Star Wars Villains

Sometimes the evilest villains in film history have great smiles that go unnoticed. The actors who play these characters are usually covered in make up. Either that, or their characters’ are always frowning. All the time. One of the reasons that the Star Wars franchise has been so successful is that the villains are just so evil.… Read More »

For Healthy Teeth, Eat More of These

You must be so sick of people telling you what not to eat. Don’t eat too much bread if you want a flat stomach! Slow down on those French fries if you want to protect your heart! Avoid chocolate if you want to have clear skin! When it comes to your teeth, sometimes what you… Read More »

Fantastic Teeth & Where To Find Them – Harry Potter Stars and the Stories Behind their Teeth

Unless you’ve been living in a cupboard under the stairs for the last twenty years, you’ve probably seen the Harry Potter movies. If you haven’t seen them, we could list a thousand reasons why you should (here’s ten, just to start). What’s especially charming about the Harry Potter movies is watching the actors grow up. Most of… Read More »

9 Hacks For Using Invisalign

We do a lot of weird things to improve our own looks. Yogurt facial masks. Putting potato peels under our eyes. Smearing toothpaste on zits. Even sticking metal train-tracks onto our teeth. Read that last sentence again… we’re talking about braces! That’s the weirdest one, right? They’re in your mouth every day, 24 hours a… Read More »

10 Times NBA Players Got Their Teeth Knocked Out

There’s nothing like seeing someone’s teeth knocked out that makes you start clutching your teeth. Today’s post is inspired by the most recent NBA Season. It seemed like every month, a new player was getting his teeth knocked out. The most famous probably being Isaiah Thomas who had his teeth knocked out during a playoff… Read More »

Foods to Avoid For Whiter Teeth

When it comes to getting your teeth bright and white, the struggle is real. There’s just no way to get your smile back to what it was back in your senior prom photos. You brush, floss, and even rinse with mouthwash religiously, but somehow, someway… your beautiful white teeth faded. What could have caused this?… Read More »

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

The second you see that ice cream cone, it’s as if you can already feel it hurting your teeth. That sudden, sharp pain that you feel when you something cold or hot touches your teeth is a certain indicator of tooth sensitivity. You might feel like this is perfectly normal and you simply have to… Read More »

4 Ways You Can Brighten Your Smile

It happens all the time. Someone takes an amazing photo of you sharing a laugh with some good friends, and then you notice it… your teeth are yellow. You already know that having stained teeth can ruin your otherwise-perfect smile, and leave you feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. We all idolize those people that have pearly-white… Read More »

Dr. Sasha on Dental Implants

New Generation Dentistry’s own Dr. Sasha was recently featured in an article with Dental Implant Cost Guide. Emphasizing our clean and modern facility, Dr. Sasha shares his thoughts on ensuring that patients are comfortable in our dental office. He also discusses the process of getting dental implants at our office. To read this interview with… Read More »